Using SIM800L to POST Data with HTTP and HTTPS

The SIM800L can POST data to web sites/services using both HTTP and HTTPS.  The procedure for both is nearly the same with the exception of a few additional parameters needed for the HTTPS POST version.  To enter AT commands into the serial monitor, I’ll use the sketch (shown below) my prior post on using the SIM800L to send data via GET .  I connected the SIM800L to an Arduino UNO clone with the following conmnections:   5V -> VIN, GND -> GND, D8 -> TX, D7 -> RX. There are a few gotchas to watch out for. Be sure to set the serial monitor to 9600 baud and also set the line ending drop down to use “Both NL & CR”.  A largish cap […]

Using the SIM800L to Send Data to a Web Page

Last GET received at: This is a short tutorial on how to send data to a web page using the SIM800L.  My plan is to use the SIM800L to send sensor data from our blueberry rows back to a web server where the data will get stored in a database.  The blueberry rows cover about an acre, so I think this will work much better than the wifi that struggles to reach out that far across our property. Why is the HackerBoxes #16 penguin at the top of the page?  Instead of just explaining the AT commands to get the HTTP GETsent via the SIM800L, I thought it might make more sense if you could actually see your GET commands do something, and the […]

HackerBoxes #16 – Quick Tutorial for Sending SMS with the SIM800L

We’ve been playing around with the latest HackerBoxes (#16).  We haven’t really dug into it too deeply yet, but here is a quick tutorial on how we got the SIM800L EVB breakout sending text messages.  Our brief experience with the board has shown us a few minor gotcha’s: If you’re out of the coverage area for the SIM card, you’re out of luck.  Our family lives on a small farm out in the sticks of North Georgia, and our cell service is sketchy at best.  We drove around last night trying to get a connection to no avail. When I took the board into my work today in metro ATL, it connected pretty fast to T-Mobile. Related to the connection, I […]