HackerBoxes #13 – Basic Setup for NodeMCU and ESP8266 (ESP-12E Development Kit)

Box #13 for HackerBoxes included an ESP8266 Development Board for use with the various sensors and model car chassis kit.  The instructable posted for HackerBoxes #13 included instructions for using the Arduino firmware instead of the NodeMCU firmware.  Nothing wrong with the Arduino firmware and related IDE, but I really like the NodeMCU eLua based firmware.  I’ve used it in the past with different ESP8266 projects, and I decided to use it as much as possible with the HackerBoxes #13 projects. Part of the reason I decided to make this post is because I tend to forget stuff that I don’t use every day, and it takes me awhile to get re-familiarized with the language, IDE, and related tools needed […]